Friday, December 5, 2014

Noah Kenton


Seventeen year old, Noah Kenton is a talented young musician, truly something special. Inspired by his deep love for electronic music including artists like Sirensceol, Sonny Moore, and Clams Casino, Noah's distinct sound blends elements of electronic into the acoustic genre. 

Along with the combination between the styles of music, the lyrics on Kenton's debut EP are what evoke the personal struggles the talented musician has faced. Focusing on themes like loss and longing; you will find yourself enjoying the honest emotion that is brought to you by his unique musical and lyrical styles. Despite these personal struggles, the songs aspire closure and freedom in a way that is both organic and refreshing. 

Noah states, "From a different angle, this EP for me is a lot more about resolving problems from my past more than anything else. From aspects like coming to grips with my distaste for the religion I was brought up to just missing people and failed friendships. This project brought me a lot of closure on some issues that I had been working through during the recording process and I feel so free now that it's all finished."

Noah Kenton’s new single “Oh No” is an emotionally-driven song that pulls you in with piano notes and heart-felt guitar strums. Give the song a couple of listens and you will love the song the more. It’s hard to believe “Oh No” was created by a seventeen year old; I can’t wait to hear what else Noah releases.

Phantogram - Black Out Days Remix ft. Danny Brown & Leo Justi

It’s been a breakthrough year for PHANTOGRAM’S universally applauded duo, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. Known for their innovative music style of melding electronic, melodic indie rock, set to hip hop leaning beats and samples. Listen to Phantogram’s Black Out Days remix (featuring Danny Brown and Leo Justi) that they released last month. Also, check out if PHANTOGRAM has a show near you, HERE.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Lucent Dossier Ticket Giveaway!


After their recent sold out show in Las Vegas, Los Angeles based, Electro-circus troupe Lucent Dossier will be returning to sin city, this time taking over the gorgeous Rose. Rabbit. the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on Friday 12/5 and Sat 12/6.

As ambassadors to a creative revolution, this world-renowned act seeks to redefine the live experience by tearing down walls which separate artists and observers. Lucent Dossier’s show embodies a futuristic turn towards high-art, with the overarching goal of creating transformative experiences for their audiences. Their shows craft a window into a new vision of humanity where other-worldly conceptions can be realized.

“World that doesn’t exist, a place where the future and past happen simultaneously” – LA Weekly

Lucent Dossier Experience and Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a match made in heaven. The venue’s uninhibited, playground for adults vibe meshes perfectly with Lucent’s free-spirited and unconventional nature. The only thing to expect is the unexpected for what is sure to be the place to be in Vegas for those two nights.

Throughout their 10 year rise from the LA underground to international limelight (having swooned audiences in over 12 countries and recently headlined the Gobi stage at Coachella Music Festival), Lucent’s journey has been forged from the creative genius of Dream Rockwell, a visionary within both the transformational art events and avant-garde performance communities alike. 

Win a pair of tickets to the Lucent Dossier Experience. Winner gets to choose the day they like to attend.
(Friday 12/5 or Saturday 12/6)


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