Sunday, August 31, 2014



Off the back of their first single ‘Wake Up’ last year, Brisbane band Foxsmith take a darker twist with their second single Pentimento. Recorded and mixed by producer Yanto Browning (The Medics, Tara Simmons, The Jungle Giants), this second offering from the four-piece is laden with lush melodies, beginning quite intimately before snapping into catchy guitar and synth hooks. Stirring yet comforting, Pentimento explores existentialism and follows the bands new direction into darker, shimmering soundscapes and grooves.
The track is a greatly anticipated follow up to their first single ‘Wake Up’ which was well-received, gaining airplay on local and online radio stations including Triple J Unearthed, 3RRR and 4ZZZ, where it was added to rotation and remained in 4ZZZ’s Top 10 for over a month in December/January. The video clip for ‘Wake Up’ was premiered online through Groupie Magazine and featured on local and international music blogs including Mess+Noise, City & Sound and Ground Sound LA to name a few.
Accompanying their new track is an animation by local Brisbane artist Seana Seeto, who takes the viewer through many worlds following the journey of a blob-shaped protagonist, a harbinger of mishaps. For the release of this new single and animation clip, Foxsmith are hosting a collaborative arts event, featuring local Brisbane bands and an artshow, on Saturday 16th August at The Zoo in Brisbane. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014



DAMEHT are so addictive, the “Girl Jeans” track just gets better and better as the song progresses. They have looks like The Neighborhood and The 1975 but sound like a mix of Kinky and The Weeknd but more rock/dance/pop? I’m not sure; I could be making that up… I didn't think I would like the song but I caught myself bobbing my head and tappin’ my toes (no joke). I love this track below and I think you will too, the beats are contagious. I dare you not to dance.



Lucian is a producer from New York, who recently came out with a remix to Phoenix 'Armistice'. Listen below and I recommend listening all the way; there's nothing better than remix that fades in and out with your mood and the beats are simply infectious. I can't wait to hear what else he comes out.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Prettiots


Meet The Prettiots - New York’s no-nonsense ukulele wielding 'It Girls' and undoubtedly your next crush. Brimming with all the charm and innocence of Cher Horowitz in Clueless, but armed with the attitude and precocious wit of Winona Ryder in Heathers, this all girl three-piece arrive with glittering, indie art-pop, on their forthcoming EP.
With effervescent melodies faultlessly combined with colorfully upfront dialogue, The Prettiots paint an exceptionally vivid portrait of what it’s like to be young and living in New York City, using unabashed and no-nonsense songwriting as directed by front woman Kay Kasparhauser, and accompanied by Rachel Trachtenburg (Supercute!) and Lulu Prat (Tangiers).
In this new single, "Boys In High School", Kasparhauser muses about her various high school relationships, which in hindsight were not as good as she thought. "These are the boys that I dated in high school. I thought they were so nice and I thought they were so cool", she quips. The song's deadpan, matter-of-fact humor reminds us how strange and fleeting young relationships can be. The track will also be accompanied by a music video, shot by the acclaimed Richard Kern. 

Check out their residency at Piano's in September! 
September 2                         September 9
8pm Ellis Dodi                        7pm A Love Like Pi (showcase)
9pm Wax Witches                  8pm Nicholas Nicholas
10pm The Prettiots                 10pm The Prettiots
11pm Such Hounds

September 16                       September 30
9pm Hollow & Akimbo          9pm New Myths
10pm The Prettiots                 10pm The Prettiots

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Whilk and Misky


Whilk & Misky are Nima (who produces) and Charlie (on vocals). Nima likes cold industrial techno whilst Charlie likes angst infused soul, which places them in a mystical highway somewhere between Chet Faker and Flume. Charlie was working in a restaurant a year ago when he met Nima on one of his shifts. The bond was instant and they soon found themselves rolling around London. Charlie was essentially homeless and would sleep on Nima's sofa, which paved the way to numerous 4am jamming sessions. Within months they had posted some demos online, including covers as diverse as 'Mans World' and 'So Good to Me', earning them fans in the likes of Rob Da Bank and Zane Lowe.  

A label race began with serious interest from the majors (despite the fact they had never even played a gig together), however, the boys wanted to do things their own way. Cue Dirty Charm Records, their brand new imprint and home to their debut release, in the form of the sublime 'FIRST SIP' EP.

First up is 'Clap your Hands'. Charming, hopeful, hazy and catchy in equal measures.

"I don't remember when the actual realisation came that we could be a band, I was minstrel-ling round town with a duffel bag and guitar. Nima was my only friend in the murk of East London." Says Charlie. Whatever the escapade Nima's motto is always the same, and always delivered with a cheeky grin "We're all gonna die anyway, right?"

"I must have heard that phrase a million and forty seven times by now." Charlie adds with an eye-roll...



Braque is a UK (London) based multi instrumentalist, he is also a writer, producer, and most of all artist who creates everything himself. Braque is part of a loose collective of musicians including the highly acclaimed Bastille and Rag N Bone Man, and influences consist of Prince and Kanye. Having Written, Produced and set up the Best Laid Plans label with both of these artists Braque now believes the time is right to forge ahead as a solo artist.

Braque creates shiny modern pop music with a definite slightly darker edge, underpinned by a strong, soaring vocal and grainy, artful imagery. This is definitely not throwaway bubblegum pop music, but an artist who wants to be taken seriously. Braque's vision behind the V1CES E.P. is that each song encapsulates a vice that we have in our lives. This E.P. will be the first in a Trilogy and contains two singles 'Secrets' and a cover of 'Everything but the Girls' Miss the Rain'.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eliot Sumner


Eliot Sumner has revealed the second song entitled “Come Friday,” from her upcoming EP. Information released in the beginning of August in North America via Cherrytree. Information, the first taste of the full length album that’s due out next year, comes from a renewed sense of focus and clarity, and bears electronic hallmarks with some surprising influences including Sumner’s favorite band as a teenager, the Bad Seeds. After releasing The Constant in 2010 under the moniker I Blame Coco, Eliot toured for two years, playing headlining shows and festivals all over the world. Since then, she’s experimented with different writing methods – and even spent time working with Clint Mansell on a film score! - And took time to simply grow. She says, “It’s now or never. I’m proud of the music I’m making and it’s time to take ownership by putting my real name on it.”
 “Nodding towards early 80s new pop in a melodramatic grandeur” – Clash Music

Simian Ghost


Simian Ghost is an alternative pop act from Sandviken/Gävle, Sweden. It was initiated as a recording project by musician and visual artist Sebastian Arnström. His debut album, Infinite Traffic Everywhere, was received with blog praise and excellent reviews, topping the Critics Chart in Sweden and being voted Record Of The Year by the readers of

Simian Ghost originally performed live as a trio, consisting of Sebastian on vocals and electronics, his brother Erik Klinga on drums and Mathias Zachrisson on guitar, (both members of Light Vibes). More recently, they have added two new live members Maja Agnevik on additional vocals and Wilhelm Magnusson on bass. They have already shared stages with the likes of Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT, Niki & The Dove and Tony Buck. Their 2012 album Youth, will be reissued with five additional tracks September 2014.

"Simian Ghost is by far one of Sweden's most interesting pop acts to come out this year. We're currently covering our bodies in coconut butter and hoping that they'll shine some more sunlight into our dark lives…" ‐ - NOISEY/VICE 



Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac are Polarheart. Having played alongside each other in previous projects, the duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born. Their combination of dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes make for a captivating listening experience. Drawing on a range of musical influences with classical training in common, and a love for pop and electronica, Polarheart continue to explore new sounds and unique ways to convey relatable messages through their music.
“This song brought Polarheart to life. After months of writing, this was the song that defined our sound, and our direction. We always strive to put the song itself first and have it complimented by the production. We like to make sure there is a story or a message that at least one person can relate to in one way or another.” - Mary Rose (Polarheart)