Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tesla Boy


Tesla Boy is a project born amidst the gritty backdrop of the 80’s and 90’s Moscow music scene. The Russian four-piece, who divide their time between New York and Moscow, create soaring synth-pop that exists somewhere in an alternate universe void of geographical borders and time- where Prince might just be the long-lost member of Cut Copy.
Today, the band release their new single, "Strong," exclusively on Vice Noisey, a soaring 80’s inspired anthem with glittering synths and an infectious beat that bleeds with all the heart and soul of a Tesla Boy track. “It’s really important to me to be a person who can make a connection between the cultures - western and eastern,” muses frontman and principal songwriter, Sevidov, about why Tesla Boy’s music has the ability to resonate with listeners. “I'm from Russia, and I travel all over the world, and I sing for different people from different countries. My mission is to unite our cultures. It's very important for me.”