Saturday, April 30, 2011

Remix Artist Collective (RAC)

Rock/electroncia/dance remixes is the eclectic kind of genre RAC falls under. They aren't like the other remix artists, they create songs that is a smooth remix with an uplifting beat. RAC uses analog synthesizers which creates that smooth kind of vibe to the songs. There are three members: Andre Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury, and Karl Kings. They have done remixes for The Shins, Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hockey, Surfer Blood, Kings of Leon, Edward Sharpe, Delorean, Phoenix, Bloc Party, and many more. You must listen!!

RAC Portfolio by RAC

Friday, April 29, 2011

Marina & the Diamonds

This is me. She had a promotion going on with her song OHNO!

I am Obsessed with Marina & the Diamonds!! She is a British Greek, Marina Lambrini Diamandis. I describe her as a pop/punk princess. She has style that is cartoonish and high end at the same time! Everyone needs to get her album Family Jewels, all of the songs are beautiful! I finally got to see her live at Coachella 2011 and her performance exceeded my expectations, she is so upbeat and rock. I actually ended up seeing her by myself, and even though I was alone the audiences (her fans) were mostly girls. I made friends during the show, everyone fed off of Marina's fun and happy vibes. The next time she is in the L.A. area I am going to see her again!! with out a doubt!!

Shampain by Marina and The Diamonds


Milo Greene is a California native band with nothing but good vibes & tunes. Based in Los Angeles, you can catch them at the Troubadour in May! I'm not going to miss this show. I would have to say my favorite song is 1957, it reminds me of Local Natives & Scarlett Johansson (because of the girl singer). You must listen to them for the summer!
1957 + beach days = Perfection

Mord Fustang

If you like Deadmau5 & Dubstep then I highly recommend Mord Fustang. His song Lick the Rainbow is a mix of what sounds like Deadmau5 with drops of dupstep in the song. I love it & you should too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How did Vampire Weekend get their name?

Back in the day Ezra Koeing and Wes Miles (Ra Ra Riot) made an amateur horror film. The characters name is Walcott and in the film he hunts Vampires.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event @ Coachella 2009
Their new album All At Once is released April 26! I can not be anymore excited to go get the album. You can stream their new album right from their website; All At Once. Check out one of their new songs, Changing from their new album All At Once. If you have never heard of The Airborne Toxic Event then I would check out their most famous song Sometime Around Midnight, that song never fails to give me goose bumps when the chorus hits.. I kid you not. The music video is right below!


Weezer probably describes a kid's moment when they are being rebellious. When ever I'm doing something I know I shouldn't be I feel like a Weezer song would be the soundtrack to that moment. Check out their fairly new Weezer Webisode #49: Hang On - Poquito Mas Bokkus Edit video. I know everyone is familiar with Weezer, and if you want to know more just follow their Twitter, every tweet is great. Also their website, get familiar and check out my photo; like the one above is posted on to their website. CHECK IT OUT.

Born Ruffians

Born Ruffians at The Echo
Born Ruffians at Troubadour
I have been in love with Born Ruffians since the summer of 2009. Their album Red Yellow & Blue is what won me over. My absolute favorite song by them is Hummingbird. This song is also caught on UK Skins, I was beyond excited when I heard them come on. I have been to two of their shows, each show was amazing. They have such stage presences and are very friendly to the audience. I highly recommend checking out their site. BORN RUFFIANS

Bon Iver

It's not a lie! Justin Vernon is coming out with a new LP on June 21. Their last album For Emma, Forever Ago came in 2007, so it is only time that they give their fans some new tunes. I will be checking websites for leaks religiously until the album debuts. But until then here is the track-list of the new album.

Bon Iver:

1. Perth
2. Minnesota, WI
3. Holocene
4. Towers
5. Michicant
6. Hinnom, TX
7. Wash.
8. Calgary
9. Lisbon, OH
10. Beth/Rest

Coachella 2011

Animal Collective
Steve Angello at the Sahara Tent
Ellie Goulding
Foster the People
Foster the People
The Strokes
Bloody Beetroots
Kanye West & Justin Vernon
Marina & the Diamonds
Marina & the Diamonds
Crystal Castles
Mumford & Sons
The Kills
Kings of Leon
Here are just a few pictures from my weekend at Coachella Music Festival. The line-up this year was filled with past time favorites and new upcoming bands. I love how diverse the bands are, you can be in the Sahara tent listening to Steve Angello then move a few feet to the COACHELLA Stage and be listening to Bright Eyes. The diversity in genres is what makes Coachella, Coachella. Another great characteristic of Coachella is how everyone is friendly, you put your guard down and your new campground neighbor is a new friend. When people ask "What is your favorite part of Coachella?" most people say "Coachella as a whole". Whether you know who is on the line-up or not you will have a good time. You can check my flickr from 2009, 2010, and 2011 Coachella Music Festival pictures.