Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crystal Castles

The picture above is when I saw Crystal Castles at Coachella 2011. By far one of my favorite shows that year, the crowd was massive. I got there a little before the show started but once it started a huge crowd of people flooded over. It was breath taking to see all those people. I definitely would go see Crystal Castles again, perhaps in a small club would be completely epic. Could you imagine the sound ahh.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Crystal Castles!!
Crystal Castles - Vietnam by Crystal Castles

This video does not do Crystal Castles justice, but I wanted to give you a little example of what a show is like. This one is from Coachella 2011 the one I was at, and this song was EPIC live way more insane live.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fiest - I Feel It All (Britt From Spoon Remix)

Feist - I Feel It All (Britt From Spoon Remix) by soyabean

There's a listen to the song and now here is a link to get the song!
Just click this other cool BLOG to get what you deserve. . this beautiful song.

Beauregard - Pepper Rabbit

You are so lovely and so kind, I decided to share this delightful find with you readers! A FREE download of Pepper Rabbit album Beauregard. My personal favorite songs are Red Wine, and Older Brother.

This is now motivation for you to go PRE ORDER their upcoming album Red Velvet Snow Ball.
Which will be released 8/9/2011 !!! Now go pre order!

If you're like me and fell in love with their music & are in the LA area then I would expect to see you September 29, 2011 at the The Echo!   I have already been to one of their shows at the Troubadour a while back but long story short I was late and only got see two songs! You can check out all there information and my night at a PREVIOUS POST.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jonathon Aherne from Temper Trap

Jonathon Aherne from Temper Trap is probably one of my favorite people to watch live. He is the bass guitarist for Temper Trap. His vibe that he gives off is just amazing when he plays music. When he plays, you really get the vibe that he is in his own world and loves music. There aren't many musicians out there that you can see their passion for music when they perform but you can definitely tell with him. 
The first time I have seen Temper Trap was Coachella 2010 then I wen with a friend on a mini road trip to San Diego to see them play at the House of Blues. My favorite show was at Coachella of course but none the less the other time was so much fun!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

M.I.A. - 27

In memory of Amy Winehouse M.I.A. dropped this unfinished track via twitter/soundcloud. I thought it sounds great. Whether it is completed or still rough M.I.A. undoubtedly creates amazing beats.

27 by _M_I_A_

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kid Savant


By far one of the best indie band music videos I  have ever seen. They made it like none other! I don't believe   I have ever seen a music video with the band sky diving! That is just great. It is truly creative and I really enjoyed it. 

While your at it take a free download of Kid Savant's song 4 years! I think it is great && FREE.


Otis feat. Otis Redding by watchthethrone

Monday, July 18, 2011


Check out for more information !!
This event is FREE


9:15 Grouplove
8:45 Raul Campos (KCRW DJ set)

8:00 Voxhaul Broadcast
7:30 Anthony Valadez (KCRW DJ set)

6:45 Eastern Conference Champions
6:15 Mario Cotto ( KCRW DJ set)

5:45 Chicano Batman
5:00 Love Grenades

4:15 Bullet & Snowfox
3:30 Hello Vegas
2:45 Raul Pacheco & The Little Bastards

2:30 Messages from the Arts District Community
2:00 Art ShareLA Commnity Stage

Here is a little free download of one of the bands that will be performing that day! They are called Voxhaul Broadcast and they are pretty much the bees knees.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kanye West & Jay-Z || Watch the Throne


No Church in The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean)
Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce)
Niggas in Paris
Otis (Feat. Otis Redding)
Gotta Have It
New Day
Prime Time
Who Gon Stop Me
Murder to Excellence
Welcome to The Jungle
Sweet Baby Jesus (Feat. Frank Ocean)
Why I Love You (Feat. Mr Hudson)


Illest Motherfucker Alive
That's My Bitch
The Joy (Feat. Curtis Mayfield)

Saturday, July 16, 2011



I have been on a rap/hip-hop kick for a while now and I just stumbled upon Grieves through Atmosphere's twitter and what a find! He is originally from Seattle, Washington; what a lovely state. I stumbled upon him through Atmosphere twitter because the two are both signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment. I don't want to rant forever so if your interested check out a little snip of him at SPIN.COM.

Selah Sue


Sanne Putseys is a Belgian musician and songwriter. Her first EP was released in 2008, and she caught attention from the celeb blogger PEREZ HILTON during the SXSW 2011. I would call her style of music blues/reggae/soul. My absolute favorite song by Selah Sue is Raggamuffin, it just sounds so good!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Their sound is beautiful. Nothing I normally listen too but every time I play Arsenal I catch myself moving my feet to the beat! I don't know that much about them on a count of it was rather difficult to find a bio on them. Every time I would search for them I would stumble upon the the European football team! LOL. which is fine, all you really need to know is that they sound good! I am going to keep my eyes open for a tour in the US.

Latest tracks by arsenalmusic

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Milo Greene - Autumn Tree

Milo Greene is a new up coming band from LA that I just can't get enough of! Their sound reminds me of Fleet Foxes/Dr. Dog/Iron&Wine. Well those are the three artists that first come up in my mind when I hear their songs.

Theophilus London

Theophilus London is from New York City grabbed my attention with his new wave hip-hop kind of style. I think he really has that classic sound to his music. I am way excited because I saw that he is performing July 18 at the Troubadour and when I was about to go get tickets for that I heard that he is playing for FREE at Ameoba Records in Hollywood on July 20th 6pm. !! The obstacle I have to get passed is getting work covered. Should be easy enough.

This is another great song he remixed with Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend) and The Very Best called Warm Heart of Africa. You can also get that cool FREE download. You are welcome.

Here is my favorite song by Theophilus London! His music video is pretty good as well.


HOOD INTERNET sometimes has the best remixes! I stumbled upon this gem and thought I would share it with you too. More towards the middle/end of the song Hollywood Holt comes in and it sounds so good!

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks (The Hood Internet Remix feat. Hollywood Holt) by hoodinternet

Sondre Lerche

This singer-songwriter is from Bergen, Norway. His music really sounds like no other, I try to think of another artist to compare him too but the closes I think of is a lighter version of Micheal Buble with a hint of the Beach Boys. I could be wrong but that's the first musician that comes to mind. I really enjoy his song Private Caller, it is my favorite. I also like Good Luck only for the violin solo towards the end of the song, it sounds so pretty. His music is definitely up lifting.

Private Caller by sondrelerche

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Junk of the Heart - The Kooks

Words can not explain to you how excited I am to see The Kooks release some new tracks! Junk of the Heart will be released September 12, 2011 and already they have released the single Junk of the Heart (Happy) and it sounds amazing. They recently did a tour in the US, unfortunately when the tickets were on sale I was in Germany and unable to get them. I am hoping by the time the album is released The Kooks do another tour in the US to promote their album. From the little clips that I have heard from the new album, they have cleaned up their sound and I really like it! 

Also I here a music video for Junk of the Heart is coming soon!!

The tracklisting for 'Junk Of The Heart' is as follows:

Junk of the Heart (Happy)
Hod'd You Like That
Taking Pictures Of You
Killing Me
Fuck The World Off
Time Above The Earth
Is It Me
Eskimo Kiss
Mr. Nice Guy

Here is also a song that can be found on their Youtube, I really enjoyed it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swedish House Mafia on tour


Most people call him Skrillex, his real  name is Soony Moore. He is known for electro house/dubstep. For you beginner dubstep listeners I think Skrillex is a good dose to get used to this genre of music. My favorite songs are Slats Slats Slats, and Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits. I think those are as well his most popular. As seen in the photo on the top is from when I saw him at Coachella 2011. I loved his set, he even had Korn special guest! Luckily I was kind of not in the heat of the crowd, I feel I would have gotten over whelmed with the music and the surroundings. With his songs it is really easy to get evolved in his music. If I were to see him again I would prefer to see him at a small club, I think that would make his music way more intense than it already is.

Just listen to this track. It is like insane dubstep yet it still sounds good! Oh and here is a tip listen to it loud, hearing this song quite is stupid.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dirt Nasty @ The Roxy Tonight

I don't know what I got myself into! Tonight my friends and I are going to the Dirt Nasty show at the Roxy. His music is nothing like what I normally listen too, but my friend Melissa has gone to one of his shows before and said it was so much fun. So even though I don't enjoy his music, his show will make up for it. Seen above on the flier one of his guests is DJ KICK MIX, I some how stumbled upon him and I really like his remixes. I actually have been to one of DJ KICK MIX show at the Roxy last summer and it was so much fun! I am going into this with an open mind and with no expectations! I have to admit though I am excited to see who the special guest is!! There is lots of talk and I am very anxious. 

Theophilus London ft. Sara Quin - Why Even try (RAC remix)

Everything that RAC mixes turns to gold. I am completely serious they are my favorite remix producers. Here is their newest song! Enjoy it.

Theophilus London ft. Sara Quin - Why Even Try (RAC Mix) by RAC

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rizzle Kicks

This slick duo from London, will being doing shows all around the world. The best way to describe their sound is like old school rap. If you must know a little about them, they have been friends and messing around with music since 1996. Rizzle and Sylvester work so wonderfully together because they have known each other for so long and they have this similar passion for music. They are very busy on tour this summer, playing for huge crowds for T4 on the Beach, Ibiza Rocks, Mallorca Rocks, Underage Festival, The Edge Festival, and more. I for one and keeping my fingers crossed that Goldenvoice keeps their eyes open for Rizzle Kicks because I would love to see them play at Coachella!

Also watch their music video Down with the Trumpets which is also available on iTunes (UK only, hopefully soon in the US)  !!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Penguin Prison

Based in New York City Penguin Prison is an electro/pop type of sound. I had stumbled upon them through their remix of Worse it Gets by RAC. His voice is so captivating and makes me lose track of what ever I am doing. I hope I can go to a show in the near future, I would love to see how his music is live and all the vibes there is.

HERE you can get a bunch of free download MP3s of Penguin Prison music and some remixes. 
Thanks too RCRDLBL.COM
While you are here might as well watch Penguin Prison music video fro Something I'm Not.
I really liked it, I think the colors match the mood of the song and goes with the beat of the music. Seriously if you watch I think you will know what I am talking about.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


His real name is Sascha Ring, and is originally from Berlin, Germany. I would say he is an electronic musician. Apparat started with techno kind of genre of music then progressed into electronic/glitch/ambient music. "More interested in designing sounds than beats" is the way the musician describes his style of music. I have to say I like his music because it is relaxing and it helps focusing when I study or am working. His music is not something I normally listen too, but that is what I like must. His sound is refreshing and soothing. I hope to one day hear Apparat live, I think that show would be amazing. I am going to keep my eye out for a tour in the States!

Please take this free download
- Black Water by Apparat

Take a listen to one of my favorite songs by Apparat !

Apparat - Arcadia by starclubyeah