Saturday, August 9, 2014



‘Astronomia 2014’ is a cover of the legendary Tony Igy’s original track. Ruben and Victor disassembled the original and gave it a complete face-lift using all their own sounds. Vicetone’s tribute captures the simplicity of the original while giving it the signature Vicetone treatment of cascading harmonies, big drops, and a dramatic break. This cover brings a fresh, new life to the wildly popular original tune. If you ask Vicetone why they decided to rework this track, in their own words:
 “We grew up with the original track in our high school days, and we have great memories that we associate with the melody. We wanted to give new life to the track and completely re-do the track so it can be played on festivals and in clubs, and also sound like the current generation sound. This our tribute, together with Tony Igy, to a classic track and we're happy that he likes our new version!”