Sunday, August 3, 2014



Following the release of their 2012 debut, Perla EP, Kodacrome’s forthcoming LP Aftermaths continues to raise the temperature and heighten theatrics by exploring the space between the words and the notes that carry a story. Drawing inspiration from both, Ryan’s production merits (Pilot Balloon, Anti-Pop Consortium), and Elissa’s background as a classically-trained pianist, Aftermaths combines strong bass lines and visceral beats with ominous lyricism reflecting a lush picture of a calm place after a storm.

Appealing to a growing generation of music fans that are attracted to dystopian sounding synth-pop, Aftermaths is a haunting collection of engaging gems bound to have a memorable translation on the dance floor. Aftermaths are a dark, glittering web of intricately layered swells and lead lines that gradually conjures into a spellbinding haze. Through Kodacrome's simplistic yet looming production, there is a noticeably shared love for melodic composition that aims to strike a balance between songwriting and synthesis.

“I obsess about the tone of an oscillator the way she does about a melody. It's like she is writing a script and starring in it, and I'm the cinematographer.” - Ryan Casey

Emerging from the depths of Melbourne’s club scene comes Luke Neher with his reworking of Kodacrome’s glimmering-electro track, “Strike The Gold.” 

Emmy nominated music composer and acclaimed music supervisor, Chris Child aka Kodomo, remixed fellow Brooklynites, track “Buggy Bumper”. Kodomo takes this originally stark track and reshapes it into a chattering collection of synthetic micro-sounds reforming singer, Elissa LeCoque’s haunting vocals into a pulsing and ghostly accent to his swirling click and cut-style production work.