Sunday, August 17, 2014



Braque is a UK (London) based multi instrumentalist, he is also a writer, producer, and most of all artist who creates everything himself. Braque is part of a loose collective of musicians including the highly acclaimed Bastille and Rag N Bone Man, and influences consist of Prince and Kanye. Having Written, Produced and set up the Best Laid Plans label with both of these artists Braque now believes the time is right to forge ahead as a solo artist.

Braque creates shiny modern pop music with a definite slightly darker edge, underpinned by a strong, soaring vocal and grainy, artful imagery. This is definitely not throwaway bubblegum pop music, but an artist who wants to be taken seriously. Braque's vision behind the V1CES E.P. is that each song encapsulates a vice that we have in our lives. This E.P. will be the first in a Trilogy and contains two singles 'Secrets' and a cover of 'Everything but the Girls' Miss the Rain'.