Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Do Lab

This post is dedicated to The Do Lab, this Los Angeles based company understands the meaning of music and creates the right perfect interactive environments for music. The Do Lab knows how to create a memorable experience for concert goers. For the past three years that I have been going to Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival, I always make a point to stop by The Do Lab. They design a place for not just the artists and performers but for the crowds as well. I remember as I was walking into to The Do Lab area the vibes I got off of the everyone were just insane. It is apparent that everyone there loves music, and the energy one another get off from each other is contagious. I believe there is nothing more important than keeping your audience pumped, and vibing. The do Lab's creativity let alone amazes me, the structures they build are breathe taking. Also knowing that all their creations are from natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources. Not to long ago I won tickets to go see The Glitch Mob at Club Nokia (thanks to Amoeba Records), and it just so happens that The Do Lab was part of creating this event. Since that show I have not stopped thinking about what a great night I had. I was able to get front row, now I was afraid if by being front row my experience would be compromised and I
wouldn't be able to dance, but I was wrong. The people there gave everyone enough room to feel dance and feel the music. Although I kept catching myself going into a daze and just staring at the lights, and the energy The Glitch Mob was giving off. It was incredible show, by far one of the best concerts I have been too. The Do Lab is truly an amazing company, they have inspired me in so many ways. Their out looks, and creativity inspires me to go out there and create something for myself and others. I was undecided in what I want to do for a career but since these past experiences I now realize I want to be apart of something like The Do Lab.