Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last night was beyond one of the greatest nights ever! Saint Motel killed it last night. I have probably seen them over 10 times and every concert is just such a blast! I had gotten a pair of tickets through LA Weekly, so not only was it an epic concert, it was free. I love free. I wanted to buy their new album so I can support them some how, but I was to busy dancing to go to the merch table. I think when I see them at the Observatory in August, I will purchase their new album Voyeur! Explanation for the bloody toe; during their last song they let fans climb onto the stage. I of course didn't hesitate to climb that. I did and when I was on stage I had stubbed my toe on the guitarist's amp, I was so amped (pun intended) being on stage that it didn't even hurt! Got to congratulate the lead singer and guitarist on a great show right after the curtains fell. That was icing on the cake.

Also, I was oober bummed I got to the El Rey at 9:20 pm and I had missed Chasing Kings! I thought for sure they were going on at 9pm so I thought being 20 minutes late was no big thing. Apparently they went on before Princeton, and I missed them! This is now my third tempt to go see them in concert and I miss their set completely! I swear, one day I will see their set.