Tuesday, February 18, 2014


West Coast electronic music pioneer An-Ten-Nae and beat master Releece have joined forces to form Dimond Saints. "Their music drips with passion like beads of sweat. Pulsating beats and deep, subtle melodies guide you down a welcoming road as you dance your way into the unknown". This description could not fit their sound more perfectly.

Dimond Saints are set to release tracks from The Rising, the first installment of their three chapter debut album, Shingetsu (new moon in Japanese), it's a futuristic interpretation of bass music with a refined core of organic emotion.

Their music is reminiscent to many of my nights spent dancing and enjoying my time around The Do Lab during the night at Coachella. You might not understand that but I know for some Coachella veterans that vibe and feel is far too familiar. What I'm trying to get at is that Dimonds Saints is producing great feel good music that takes you into a trance.