Friday, April 25, 2014

Jagwar Ma


Jagwar Ma, an indie dance trio from Sydney Australia. After performing Coachella the last two weekends these lads are heading back overseas to for a tour (live shows HERE). I'm so grateful that I was able to check out their live set Coachella last weekend, Jagwar Ma was on my Coachella must see list. Not only did I get my sister, cousins, and friends to their set and love them; I want you guys to be just as obsessed with them as I am. I recommend listening to Cut Copy's remix of Uncertainty HERE; as if this song couldn't sound any better, it sorta just did. Also, after streaming their album 'Howlin' on Spotify or GrooveShark BUY it so you can play their album all the time anywhere. AND if you're one of the lucky ones going to Glastonbury Festival in June, check them out!!      
~Check out the music video for Uncertainty below ~