Thursday, July 17, 2014

Django Django


Django Django is a neo-psychedelic rock British band based in London consisting of 4 lads. Their self-titled album Django Django was nominated for the 2012 Mercury Prize and the song “Hail Bop” is featured on the soundtrack of FIFA 13. Since then they have released Late Night Tales – Django Django in 2014 that’s a mix of various songs the band members choose.  "We wanted to produce a mix that represented the band. It's what we're all into, so everyone put forward suggestions. It's what we are as a band; and we're kids that have grown up with an obsession about our mum and dad's record collections, like '50s and 60s stuff and then got into hip hop and dance music as we grew up. At the heart of it all is our parents' collections, with our tastes mixed in. Our Late Night Tales pays homage to that." Dave Maclean (Django Django)