Thursday, September 11, 2014

Evil Arrows


Brooklyn based glam/psych rock collective Evil Arrows announces the release of their new single, “In Clover”, in anticipation of their new album, EP 4, which comes out on September 30th. The ensemble is the new project from singer Bryan Scary, who made a name for himself in the indie-pop band The Shredding Tears, which was featured on taste-maker sites such as Pitchfork, Spin, Filter, and Paste Magazine. Now, with a rapid-fire succession of material over the course of 2014, including videos, mini-albums, live performances, and collaborations with other artists, Evil Arrows is building their own reputation as a band to watch.   
 Started by Scary as a home recording project with the goal of laying down nearly 75 songs written over the course of just a few months, Evil Arrows quickly evolved into a multi-faceted collective when Scary enlisted fellow mainstays of the Brooklyn arts community to help flesh out his vision. Beginning with guitarist Graham Norwood (The Dough Rollers) and drummer Everet Almond, Evil Arrows eventually grew to include bassistAdrian Perry (Joe Perry’s son), guest appearances by Dan Edinburg (The Stepkids) and David Ostren (BSST), and even integral film and design collaboratorsThomas Nicholas (The Peary Kings) and Cassidy Gearhardt (Public Access).

Although influenced by artists like The Kinks, Guided by Voices, Brian Eno, andWeen, the group is set apart by an ability to jump between an eclectic array of genres ranging from 60s power pop to Brit rock, Glam, and beyond. With their "raw, energetic, and wonderfully restless pop songs" (Gold Flake Paint) recorded as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, Evil Arrows hopes to convey the brevity, simplicity, and spontaneity that legendary pop music is known for. Stay tuned as Evil Arrows continues their prolific unveiling of new material throughout the fall and winter 2014.