Monday, September 1, 2014

Slow Turismo


Slow Turismo are a dynamic indie band already making waves on home soil. Their fresh take on indie pop has pricked the ears of local taste-makers who've gone on to brand them as one of the country’s most promising new independent names. Similar to the bold work of Big Scary, Bombay Bicycle Club and LCD Soundsystem, Slow Turismo writes music that nestles in between several genres, which are distinguished by complex arrangements. It’s a unique sound of intricate guitar parts layered on top of scattered drumbeats, with bass bringing the glue, as well as a plethora of hand percussion and even some trumpet, to fill in the gaps. Slow Turismo can take a song from bare bones minimalism to a cacophony of rhythms and harmonies one bar to the next.

Their live performances are a call to arms for marginalized youth who are looking for a dance
floor that has the energy of a house party, inducing the crowd to sing along to lyrics that are full
of relatable life lessons. They've shared the stage with Van She, Playwrite and electroupcomer,
Raus and are no strangers to music festivals, events and high-profile venues. The band’s first single, ‘Breathe’ captures the feeling of limbo as a relationship comes to an end. Yes, you may have just broken up with your girlfriend but its Friday afternoon, leading into a long weekend and you can deal with it on Tuesday.