Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Glitch Mob @ Club Nokia

The last show of their tour was at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Two days ago I won tickets to see The Glitch Mob over twitter thanks to Ameoba Record Store in LA!! I took my friend Katie with me. Her and I do so well at concerts, we always manage to have the best luck when at shows. && What a night! We manage to get front row when EVERY security guard was telling everyone they we weren't allowed.. some how we manage to hop a fence to get to the pit LOL. The show was EPIC, the vibes of everyone and the music was just amazing. Probably the best concert I went to this summer. The thing about electronic shows is that even though we got front row we still had room to dance. I love that about electronic scene! I never at one point got hot, there was always breathing room. Not like other shows where you are being squished and hurt just to get close to the stage. The Glitch Mob definitely won me over. I think what makes a show is if the musicians are having fun too, and from what I saw they were totally feelin' the music. Seriously I would for go see them again, the show was unbelievable.