Friday, August 5, 2011

The Sounds at the US Open

I saw The Sounds yesterday at the US Open concert stage and what a show! My friend Melissa and I got to go sit in the VIP section because our friends had two extra wrist bands. I was so happy to be sitting a good distance from that crowd! I have never seen a more wild up crowd before at the US Open. There were mosh pits, billions of crowd surfers, people jumping on stage and even grabbing the lead singer. The US Open needs to definitely tighten their security. Besides for the crowd the show was incredible, The Sounds are so good, I was ecstatic when they played Tony the Beat. My favorite song by them with out a doubt. I believe 8/5/2011 is when Jimmy Eat World performs, I don't think I will be going down to the beach for that show. I have seen them before and they do put a good show but I don't want to bare the insane crowds. I am saving my energy for this Saturday when MGMT performs at the US Open.