Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Almost every Tuesday at the UCB Theatre Doug Benson does a free comedy/podcast show! This is such a great time, and it's free so you really can't lose there. I have been going to almost everyone of Doug Loves Movies with my friends, and my friend Stephen who is the oober fan of these kind of podcast and comedy shows. What we do is get to the theater semi early to get in line to get a good spot in the Theatre (extremely tiny room), and then right after you just wait for the next show (if you bought tickets) for Comedy Bang!Bang!. Last nights Doug Loves Movies podcast/show was THE BEST one by far! In the picture from left to right is Doug Benson, Jeff Garlin, Pete Holmes, and TJ Miller. It was the funniest podcast, Doug Benson could barely put a word in, those guys were so high energy, and hilarious. AND to hear Jeff Garlin laugh was the best, his laugh is priceless. You MUST check out this podcast on itunes, it is worth the listen, and laughs.