Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tavi Gevinson at age 16 has been to more fashion weeks than I will ever dream of getting to go too. She is an incredibly accomplished and ever learning fashion enthusiast. An American fashion blogger since she was 13, and editor of Rookie Magazine since 15. One of the main reasons why I adore her work so much is that she wears what she wants to wear, and isn't afraid to wear those pieces that most people are to afraid to wear. I often as much will buy pieces and never wear them out of my house because I am to afraid to be wear in public. EXAMPLE: I have these uhmazing leopard leggings I purchased over a year ago, I only wear them around my house and never worn in public. I would LOVE to wear them in public, but I am to afraid to wear them. I think the only time I would ever wear them would to do a meet and greet with Tavi Gevinson, even then I would be so nervous. What I find so interesting about her is that she wears most things that I would LOVE to wear in public but just to afraid too (that's sad on my part). After scrolling and going to page to next page on her blog, I am trying to find the courage to wear more pieces that will make people think (WTF) when I wear them. 
I think the whole point of fashion, is to express how you feel, and to wear what you want to wear. To have fun with it. There really are no rules when it comes to fashion, only restraints on how far you're willing to take your look.