Saturday, June 2, 2012



The Virgins recently came out with some new songs, and I for one LOVE them. I have been listening to their music for a long time now, like when Myspace was cool.. These four lads are all from New York and they formed in 2006. I remember hearing them on the very first episode of Gossip Girl, and was in love with the song, Rich Girls. I really hope this band plays some gigs in Los Angeles because last I heard them having a show I was 16 and it was at a 21+ bar in San Diego! It was horrible, I wanted to sneak in the bar but my parents wouldn't have their 16 year old kid drive to San Diego! so lame. So now I am still waiting patiently for them to have a gig, I think they should play at The Echo or Echoplex (Below the Echo). That's my favorite venue in LA. PLEASE do a show hear. I think it would be a great venue!
Check out their new song Venus in Chains, I love it. After taking a Greek Mythology class I catch their references to Aphrodite.

This is one of my favorite songs.