Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Herbert Bail Orchestra


The Herbert Bail Orchestra is an indie-folk band out of LA, that has a sound like no other that is made up of 10 talented artists playing instruments from guitars, piano, horns, trombone, banjo, trumpet viola, and other unique instruments that make their sound soooooo good. They were recently featured in FILTER's Band of the Month. If you ask me what I think they sound like, I would say a mix between Shakey Graves, a Mumford & Sons, but a pinch more theatrical (in the best kind of way). My favorite song by Herbert Bail Orchestra is "The Future's in the Past", I watched the video below of a live performance and loved their vibe and atmosphere of their sound. 

album: The Future's in the Past

Check them out March 16th in Austin, TX - SXSW