Monday, October 17, 2011

Hipster Bullshit

SO basically I was watching numerous vlogs of my favorite blogger Molls Acleer and I fell upon her vid of her praising this supposedly great mix by g3kg3k. I have to say this is the best 74 minutes of my dancing life.. like aready 4 minutes into it and my song is playing! I love it. I took Molls advice and I downloaded that shit. 
If you don't believe me here is the Molls video praising this Hipster Bullshit AWESOME remix.

hipster bullshit = bomb mix 4 eva from Molly McAleer on Vimeo.

AND here is the FREE DOWNLOAD for you guys. Seriously I just made life 100000 times better for you. 

hipster bullshit by g3kg3k