Friday, October 28, 2011


My new discovery IS TROPICAL. I had randomly won tickets to the show last night at the echoplex in LA having intentions to see LESANDS, I had been meaning to check them out for some time (which Lesands is a great band, and great performance). I heard all this talk about IS TROPICAL playing after and my friends and I thought we might as well wait for them to go on hear one or two songs then stroll on out. We ended up staying the whole set! The first thing that attracted me to the band was that one I wasn't able to see their faces, and two I didn't understand what was on the middle guys face! Anyways their first two songs were insane, I couldn't tell you the names of them but they were way good. Another odd thing was to see such a small crowd go utterly insane over this band! I guess my friends and I were out of the loop. I ended up inching closer to stage/speakers kinda loud but made the songs that much greater. Their beats are UHmazing. OH did I mention they are from London!! They said something in between songs and their accents were beautiful! Caught me off guard. It had my friends and I tempting to speak in English accents for the rest of the night. One song that I do remember was Zombie, which is my favorite song!! LOVE the beginning beats of that song.. SO GOOD.

Anyways, enough of me rambling. Check out IS TROPICAL!!!
Gorgeous London Band that won't show their beautiful faces!!!! 
Keep it Classy.

Is Tropical by roberval