Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilmes Rock/Pepsi Music Festival

This major festival is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The festival is held annually since 2003, although it is just called Pepsi Music Festival since 2005 because they are the main sponsors. Quilmes was the previous sponsor but due to loss in profit Pepsi took over. Here is a fun fact, it's one of the LARGEST & LONGEST festivals in the country with 200,000 attendees and lasts for 10-11 days! Can you imagine being in festival mode for 10-11 days? That would be amazing.

Past artist include:

Los Ratones || Memphis || The Wailers || The Offspring || Los Piojos || Megadeth || Iggy & The Stooges || The Black Eyed Peas || Australian Pink Floyd Show || The Hives || Motley Crue || Dave Matthews Band || The Cult || Nine Inch Nails || The Prodigy || Faith No More || The Ting Tings || Calle || Red Hot Chili Peppers || Katy Perry || Snow Patrol || Radiohead