Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Billy Fox


 It’s been something of an auspicious introduction to Billy Fox, the Sydney-based musician, producer, writer and experimental purveyor of thought-provoking electronic. Launched late-2013 with the soulful ‘Monuments’, the new project was born simply out of perfect timing – one project ended, another naturally needed to begin. Writing began and the simple mantra of “If it feels good, then do it” quickly became the mission statement. Simplicity, according to Fox, is the key to his solo music-making, but when the layers are pulled back by the listener, musicianship, lyrical content and production-savvy recording are quickly revealed one by one. On the surface, the production values will immediately draw parallels to the likes of James Blake and recent work by James Vincent McMorrow for the listener, but dig deeper and a true songwriter will be revealed, someone who can skilfully create beautiful soundscapes, while delivering actual songs.

Fox grew up having jazz poured into his ears while he slept at night, and later explored a passion for the great writers – Lennon/McCartney and beyond. This education has seen him come closer to what his aesthetic exists as, but more importantly, what it will become as he grows.

Prolific in nature, Billy Fox’s first release will be an ambitious mini-album, featuring not only the steady and infectious yet soulfully-paced first single ‘Monuments’, but also the ultra-slick follow-up ‘Mystery’. Across all seven tracks, Fox takes all his influences and politely hands them to the listener as one beautifully-cohesive affair, delving deep into themes of love and life without neglecting the occasional reference to Greek mythology here and there. His love for hip hop shows its face, as does his more folk leanings, but the result is unique and versatile and something that can captivate anyone.