Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Truthers are a band based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY consisting of Oscar Guinn (Vox / Guitar), Gryphon Graham (Guitar & Vox), Olivia Hu (Bass & Vox), and Erin Hoagg (Drums / Vox). The band formed as collaboration between Gryphon (Phone Tag and previous auxiliary member of DIIV) and Oscar (Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk) while they were both living together at The Market Hotel. They were initially just collaborating with one another on their own independent projects, but eventually decided that it made sense to combine their efforts into something completely new. The material on their upcoming 7" (written and recorded at The Market Hotel) is the result of this collaboration. Less than 6 months later, additional songs were developed, Olivia and Erin were added to the lineup, and Truthers (a name chosen because of the band members' collective love for the TV show, X-FIles and Serious Minutiae) began performing in and around Brooklyn. 

"Calm Canaries" is the first track from Truthers' upcoming 7" Single, which will be out on June 3rd via Bushwick based label, Glad Tidings From New York. It's a powerful and compelling track that exemplifies Truthers' ability to create interesting and layered songs that maintain a cohesive sound that's uniquely their own.