Saturday, May 24, 2014



My recent obsession is Typhoon, an American indie rock band from Oregon. The band has eleven members jamming together and creating simply amazing music. They have released four albums, two EPS, a split 7-inch record with Olumpia-based Lake. I recommend checking out their album 'White Lighter' that's what I'm currently playing on repeat. My first impression of them was a mix between James Blake and Bon Iver and something else. The song 'Post Script' won me over, this band has so much talent. The violin about 3 minutes in of 'Post Script' gave me chills, ya'll gotta listen to it. Check HERE, if Typhoon is playing near you and check them out if they're playing at festival this summer! Also, take a listen to 'Young Fathers' below, just as good of a song.