Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Idea Men


Thee Idea Men consists of Matthew Jurasek (lead guitar/vocals), Tyler March (drums), Matthew Raspanti (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Kris Pirnat (bass). The four dudes moved in together, converting their spare bedroom into a studio where they were able to create their signature sound. Pulling inspiration from Robert Johnson, The Rolling Stones, White Denim and other blues-rock pioneers, Thee Idea Men have created a sound reminiscent of old school rock n’ roll for the new ages.

Thee Idea Men will be releasing their sophomore LP, New Level Shoes on May 27th. Take a listen to one of their songs on the upcoming LP, ‘All The While’. This song is all blues rock and you won’t be able to not start singing, dancing, or clapping while listening to this jam.