Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Let me start by saying that I love this band! I have been to a plethora amount of their shows. I recommend going to their gigs, no matter what you will have fun and dance. They're from the Los Angeles area, and most of their shows I have been to are in LA area. My favorite song when I first heard of them back in 09 was Dear Dictator. Now I love their new work but my heart is with their album ForPlay. Like I was saying though, a Saint Motel concert is so much fun! I have been to two Zombie Prom shows, one Witch Hunt show, a free residency at eVocal, and a Lobster Fest concert! I obviously love seeing them live. They have a show coming up on February 14th (Valentine's Day) like how they do every year. This one is the HEARTBREAKER'S HIDEAWAY which is unfortunately 21+ and this is my first year not seeing them on V-day. Rather upsetting, but if you are over 21 you better go!

Anyways, I want to share some photos from a Saint Motel concert!
The one below is from when I first saw them at eVocal, I am the girl with her eyes closed right to the left of the blonde guy dancing.
AND the photo below here is from when my friends and I saw Saint Motel at Zombie Prom! At the time I had no idea who this guy was, I asked him to take our photo for us, and he decided to jump in the photo too. Turns out he is the drummer for Saint Motel!! To funny.

Enough of me rambling, here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of Dear Dictator remixed by Sam Sparro.