Sunday, February 19, 2012



I am obsessing over this British/Irish boy band, The Wanted! They are from the UK and have recently finished up their US tour filled with shows, talk shows, radio shows, and more! I unfortunately heard about them coming to Los Angeles a little to late and their show at the El Rey Theatre was sold out! It was a complete bummer, I would have LOVED to seen them live. I have been listening to their song Glad You Came for some time now, and I recently heard the song play on 102.7 fm and FREAKED out! I don't usually ever listen to the radio because it tends to play the same pop songs over and over. When The Wanted was playing though, I was so excited I started dancing (I might of had a few drinks) so dancing only seemed right. I hope these boys have another tour in the US sometime soon because I really would love to go to a show. Luckily enough all the boys have a twitter, so go a head and follow them!

Please watch their music video for Glad You Came