Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Milo Greene † The Kooks † Fox Theater

I am so excited for this Thursday (3/1). The Kooks are playing at the Fox Theater, and if you haven't already bought your tickets.. do so HERE. I bought my tickets a while back and I just found out today that Milo Greene is opening up for The Kooks! I am so excited, normally I have no idea who the opener is but this time it's a band that I love! I saw them, and Grouplove over the summer at the Hammer Museum in LA for free. Their set was incredible and had great vibes. I am planning on going to Milo Greene show (4/7) at the Constellation Room, which is inside the Observatory (formerly The Galaxy) in Santa Ana. I'm mostly likely still going to because their music is so good.

My favorite song at the moment by Milo Greene is Silent Way