Monday, February 20, 2012


I am going to a show later this week to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra, White Arrows, and TRMRS. I have seen White Arrows before at a Zombie Prom little over a year ago. There shows are fun, and I have been meaning to see them again. Funny story, I was in LA going to one of White Arrows show and was walking in the club only to get kicked out cause it was 21+ !! Had no idea & I miss the show! Unknown Mortal Orchestra is playing, and I have heard a couple of theirs songs, so far what I have heard sounds good so I am excited to check them out. Also, I just heard that the TRMRS are playing as well the same night! So stoked, normally their shows have lots of energy. Last time I saw them live. .  I broke my foot, cause I got to rowdy. I'm still wearing a foot brace, so I might have to take it easy during their set. None the less, this is going to be a great night and I'm excited for this Saturday!

If interested go to TICKETWEB to buy a ticket, it's only $12.  
Also, check out the FB event page if you need more information.