Friday, March 9, 2012


Here are a few outfit inspirations for Coachella 2012 style. I am leaning towards flowing, see threw, neon, whites, high wasted shorts, chunky jewelry. After going to THREE years in a row, I have learned that sandals are nice to wear but if your camping you might want to wear booties, or converse because your feet get FILTHY in the campgrounds and walking from campsite to the festival grounds. Unless you like going the hippy route GO BARE FOOT! Just watch out for broken glass and people stomping on your feet. One thing you must have in mind is that it's bloody hot in Indio, CA the temperature is 100 + degrees, and at night it gets freezing! But as long as your in the crowd, you have nothing to worry about. I am going to try to replicate these outfits below, but for ooober cheap prices because I am a broke college student!