Sunday, March 18, 2012



Since her music video for Oblivion came out in the beginning of March I have been non stop listening to her new album! I watch that music video probably at least once a week, just something about it makes me so happy to see the video. Her new album is Visions. I recommend going out and getting it. I hope to see a tour in the near future for a couple of gigs in LA area. I just love her energy and style, and artistic view. If you didn't know she also likes to paint below is from her new album Visions and she actually drew the art, it's crazy good. I think one of the reasons why I love her work so much is because she is so different from all the other electronic artists, she is weird and strange. I enjoy seeing artists love their work and not trying to sound like what is already out there.

From the Visions new album here is a FREE download of Oblivion. My personal favorite song at the moment! Enjoy!!

In a post earlier I shared the Oblivion music video.
Here is another amazing music video for her song Vanessa.