Friday, March 23, 2012


What I have learned from camping at Coachella, is that sandals are nice to wear but when you're walking from your site to the festival grounds your feet get FILTHY! so much dirt, and water = mud. My feet were black by the end of the weekend last year.
This year I am getting High top Converse!! Don't really care if they get dirty as long as my feet don't!
If I have time before Coachella weekend I might stud my new converse... possibly.

I think I'm getting these cute booties for the weekend too... they look like a pair I want but are to expensive. So I compromise with these

Bongo Women's Dominique Rouched Bootie - Black

If you must wear sandals (which I will probably end up doing) I think these are pretty cool.
TIP, if you are buying new shoes wear them at least week or two in advance to try them out... you don't know how many times I bought new shoes for Coachella and they end up giving me the ugliest blisters. your feet = comfort > fashion