Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am so excited to finally try out nail tattoo art! I had seen these on a blogger's site whose from the UK, and she had gotten them from Topshop for £7. I was so lucky enough to have one of my great friends in London this week go buy them for me and bring back to the states for me! 
Honestly, putting them on is the easiest thing ever. I normally paint by hand designs on my nails which takes quite some time, but these tattoo things are so quick and easy. They have directions in the packet, and its pretty self explanatory. It was my first time putting nail tattoo art on my nails so I did mess up on one of my thumbs.. the symbol is upside down! 
I recommend this product to anyone, I really had a great time painting my nails today!
Thanks Melissa for the Nail Art Tattoos!!