Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Night Only

One Night Only had a gig in L.A. last night (5/2/2011) ! ONO is a Indie rock band from Helmsley, North Yorkshire and started in 2003. I didn't discover them until 2008 and ever since then I was hoping they would come to LA. FINALLY they did! Oh and wait it gets better, I saw them for FREE. I would have easily paid to see them, so that was icing on the cake. They performed for a Music Expo for a bunch of record labels around the LA area. I found out about this event through their twitter account. They had great vibes on the stage and you could tell that they were having a lot fun. I would definitely go see them again if they were to ever come back and tour in California.
My favorite song by One Night Only is Just for Tonight.

The music video to 'Say you don't want it' by One Night Only has a familiar face as the star girl. Since George Craig is a Burberry model he has worked with and become friends with Emma Watson. She is the muse for this music and I think she is perfect in the video!