Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paolo Nutini

24 year old Scottish Singer, songwriter. Paolo Nutini sounds to good to be true, when ever his songs come on my ipod I lose train of thought. He released These Streets back in 2006 and the one song that I think EVERYONE knows (if you don't then your living under a rock) is "New Shoes". His other famous songs include "Last Request", "Jenny Don't Be Hasty", personally I think all of his songs are amazing. Since then he has released another album Sunny Side Up, and he has been touring and performing at a handful of festivals. My idea is to listen to his tunes when looking at a great view (I know it sounds odd) but his music is easy going and grand at the same time. I hope he has a tour in the US soon, I would love to go to a gig. He is one of my favorite artists.